Accomplished Business Lawyers

Our Mission

Our mission is success – cost effective solutions to meet the client’s needs.  We believe as professionals that the title “legal counselor” is as important as the title “attorney at law.”  We assist our clients at all stages of any transaction or litigation.  Our goals are straightforward:  meet each client’s unique needs and obtain efficient, economical and successful outcomes.  We organized our practice based on the tenet that every client is our most important client and successful outcomes are what matters.  We seek to do a great job on the matter before us, remain cost-conscious, and continue to build client trust and confidence for a long term successful relationship.

Our Core Values

At GARRELL LAW, we provide a select group of clients with the highest caliber of legal representation available by experienced lawyers and do not delegate matters to associates in order to “leverage” the work.  We cater to the needs of mid-size businesses as well as new and growing businesses, commercial real estate investors, Fortune 500 companies, and select individuals.


Unlike large law firms, all of our attorneys possess specialized experience in their areas of practice.  This means that clients don’t pay to train our lawyers.  Our proven know-how results in the highest degree of efficiency.

Our Experience


  • Appeals
  • Business Acquisitions & Mergers
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Transactions & Formation
  • Class Actions
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Licensing & Land Use Regulation
  • Real Estate

Our Fees

Our one-on-one service creates a far more personal experience with our boutique firm. GARRELL LAW is respectful of its clients’ resources. We offer a more flexible approach to fees and billing. Cost effective fee structures are personal to each client and the particular legal issue presented and include standard hourly rates, fixed fees, contingencies, partial contingencies and other flexible arrangements as circumstances dictate.


Our attorneys will provide each client with an initial budget and revised budgets so that expectations match legal fees and clients remain substantively and regularly informed about fees; the consideration of which can affect strategy and approach to each legal issue. Your legal matter will not be handled in a piecemeal fashion by junior associates. Our attorneys relocated to the Inland Empire to reduce overhead and reduce hourly rates while providing unparalleled service.

Questions about our billing process, or our fees?


  • Hourly billing
  • Flat fee
  • Advanced billing A – We receive a percentage of our hourly rate, with an additional sum contingent on the result achieved.
  • Advanced billing B – We receive a percentage of our flat fee, with an additional sum contingent on the result achieved.
  • Monthly retainer